Johan Boons

Johan Boons

General manager
Sha International BVBA

Mr Johan Boons is already 20 years active as a trader in Paper for Recycling. He started his career at Sita/Suez and started his own company in 2003. He is an expert in international trade and is active in the local European market as the export market to Asia. He is a CCIC self inspector and holds 3 master degrees in Finance and Accounting. He is a multiple speaker at different conferences all over the world.


Challenges for Our Business for Both Supplier and Buyer

Friday, December 4, 2015 - 09:40

As end of next year there will come some new paper capacity in North West Europe, this will influence the export market to Asia significantly. On the other hand the local collection is going up in China, this has also an impact on the demand of paper for recycling from Asia. How to match this ….

There are still other challenges for export, closing down of old capacity in China, renewing import licenses, black out periods with non arrival, new capacity that will start up. (more details...)

The growth in China is also not as before, how is the local demand ? how is the export demand ?

How are other Asian countries facing the challenge ?