Marc-Antoine Belthe

Marc-Antoine Belthe

Recycled Paper Sales for Europe, Veolia Environmental Service
VP France Recycling

Marc-Antoine Belthé is Director of VPFR, Recycling branch of Recycling and Valorization of Wastes activities for Veolia in France. He is also CEO of European Products Recycling, a 100% Veolia subsidiary for raw materials trading. For Veolia, he also assumes the coordination of RCP activities in Europe. He has more than 20 years’ experience in Recycling Industries, mainly in France, but also in international trade. He could complete his experience through different leading position such as COO of SOREDIV, a French family company for Collection and Valorization of Wastes, and Co-Founder and Director of Peninsoul, a Spanish company for Trade of Raw Materials.

MA Belthé has a Master 2 Marketing Degree from Paris Dauphine University, a Master 1 Econometrics Degree and a First Mathematics and Economy Degree from Paris Nanterre University.

“As a 20 years experienced manager in waste recycling, I aim to promote a paradigm shift in the way wastes are regarded: rather than an unwanted by-product of modern societies and their industrial activities, wastes can, through recycling, resource recovery and use for energy production, become a valuable asset. Waste management in accordance with environmental standards and certification schemes has the potential to promote green business opportunities, safe jobs, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. I see environmentally sound waste management as one of the most concrete ways to achieve the much debated Global Green Economy.”


Developments trends of China Recovered Paper Market and its influence on EU countries in perspective of overseas industry players

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 16:10

The Recovered Paper market grew very fast in China over the last 10 years. Did new trends appear over the last 5 years in Recovered Paper domestic collection and consumption?

During the same period, European Recovered Paper market seemed to be globally quieter but if you look in details there have been some significant changes.  Exports volumes of Recovered Paper from Europe to China are now decreasing.

How both Recovered Paper markets could benefit from positive Packaging Industry forecasts? (more details...)

Which main recent and future changes could impact this situation? What could be the next developments of Chinese and European Recovered Paper market? How could they influence each other?
We’ll propose explanations based on the lights of recent Chinese policy measures for strengthening Chinese Economic growth, European perspectives in terms of Energy transition and International decisions for Environmental protection and Climate change.